Hello Friends and Family of David and Ursula! Thank you for being a witness to our love for one another. We love you all, and we want this wedding to be a treat for YOU! Our dream is to create a special mini festival with worldy music, camping, delicious food, beautiful oak trees, lights, camping, and a whole magical feel that will truly express how much you mean to us! We are working within a specific budget and feel confident that we will be able to create a once- in -a -ifetime shebang for our buck, but just in case our budget is overstretched, and also in the hopes that we can also have a honeymoon, we are asking for donations in lieu of gifts for our wedding. After all, we are both aduts and have two blenders between us- really we dont need much! All we want for our special day is to treat all of you to a magical party. Thank you!

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